Local Business Expo

Run for the Unicorns is hosting its second annual conference and are inviting local vendors out to exhibit at our kick off event: the Shark Tank Open Casting Call on Monday, April 29th, 2019.

Why Should I Exhibit?

  • Shark Tank casting calls attract upwards of 2000 attendees and, while some will be local to Louisville, most will be from out of town.
  • With the exception of the first group to pitch, most of these folks will be in town for most of Monday and will need food, entertainment, and shopping options to keep them busy until it is their turn to pitch.
  • Attendees are given a time window so they can leave and come back without losing their place.

Make sure YOU grab their attention!

We are holding the local expo from doors opening at 9am until 5pm. There will be traffic waves all day and we are happy for you to hand out information outside the building while folks wait in line.

Often times people will start lining up VERY early morning.The state is being very supportive of this year’s event and is working with us to reach out to entrepreneurs state wide as well as in Indiana & Ohio.

Additionally, our other scheduled events offer more opportunities, so we feel that Louisville’s open casting call will be every bit as strong as their others.

University Club, University of Louisville

200 E Brandeis Ave, Louisville, KY 40208
April 29th, 2019 @ 9am-5pm

Reserve a Table

The cost for a table is $300. Please register by the filling out the form to the right. We will contact you with details and to collect payment.

We hope that you will support our event and we will be looking for other ways to help out local business at our future events.

If you have any questions prior to registering, please email us at rununicornsrun@gmail.com.