A gathering on decentralization during Kentucky Derby festival exploring the convergence of fintech, AR, VR, AI, IoT, blockchain, the sharing economy, video Games, the future of work, logistics, and disruptive culture with a focus on business networking. Fun time building relationships between Tech and Finance.

AUGUST 28th - Sept 5th 2020

Louisville, ky

2019 Speakers

The industry's Top leaders

Rick Tumlinson

Founding Partner, Spacefund

Bruce Porter Jr.

Chairman & CEO at GlobalBoost

Jon Najarian

CNBC & CME Correspondent; Director of Evergreen Token

Andreea Porcelli

CEO of Swiss Growth Forum; CEO of Evergreen Token

Jennifer Greyson

Founder & CEO at CO.CO

Kevin Williams

Out-of-Home Entertainment Consultancy, Founder at DNA Association & Conference, Publisher of The Stinger Report

Andrew Prell

CEO of Convergence (1990's VR Pioneer)

Drew Taylor

CEO Wild West Crypto Show; Inventor, innovator & a visionary

David Bishop

Entertainment & Games Executive | COO Namco

Sydney Armani

CEO at Blockchain CRE & Publisher at Fintech World

Jason Appleton

Crypto Researcher/Investor/Advisor at Crypto Crow

Brad Yasar

founder and CEO of Beyond Enterprizes

Jonathan Keim

Communications director networknewswire

Neil Juneja

President + Chief Investment Officer of XII Private Wealth

Billy Joe Cain

25+ years in Video Game Production & Management; Founder, Radical Empathy Education Foundation (REEF)

Chrissy Cook

Crypto Investor, Blockchain Professional, Co-Founder CO.CO

Jorg Molt

Bitcoin Co-Founder; Founder, Satoshi School

Angeleen Wilson

Director of Georgia Blockchain Coalition; Chilrdren's Education DApp Creator

Natalia Sokolova

Co-founder/Managing Partner SGG World LLC

Jonathan Leinwand

Corporate Attorney

Ryan Munn

Founder, Interchain Live

Dr. Roman Yampolskiy

Associate Professor, University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering

Tim Totten

President, KY Blockchain Alliance

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